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Only a $50 Deposit! We will refund $35 of the $50 if you cancel within 15 days of your vacation!



  • Is there any timeshare catch related to your deals?
    Absolutely not! We're not a timeshare company. We're one of the biggest hotel consolidators in Orlando, which is what allows us to give you such great deals. Our business model is totally focused on providing the lowest nightly rates and attraction ticket prices, and we deliver that with amazing customer service. It has nothing to do with timeshares and everything to do with our unique marketing approach.
  • How do I know that is a legitimate company?
    We've been in business serving Orlando vacationers since 1993, and we urge you to check us out. Our legal name is Affordable Travel of Orlando. Please look us up at the Better Business Bureau, where you'll find our A rating. We're a family run business, so we want to treat families right. Our Florida Sellers of Travel number is ST24673.
  • Can you give me some reasons why I should book with instead of another company?
    We're glad you asked! The first reason is that we pride ourselves on being an affordable provider, and the second is our quality. With us, low cost doesn't mean "cheap" in terms of your accommodations. You get quality hotels and vacation homes at reasonable rates. The third reason is our impeccable customer service, and the fourth is that we back up our promises with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • What, exactly, is your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?
    We know that a lot of companies offer similar guarantees, but they don't always mean it. For us, it means we'll do everything in our power to ensure that your Orlando vacation is an enjoyable one. We want your family to be satisfied and have a wonderful trip.

Reservation Questions

  • What is the reservation policy?
    Our reservation policy is very simple. All you need to do is put down a $50 deposit to reserve your hotel room, vacation home, or vacation package.
  • When is my final payment due?
    Your final payment for your hotel, vacation home, condo, or town home is due in full 15 days before you arrive. The tickets are charged between the 10th and 14th day before your arrival. The ticket charge is done by Billy Boy's Tickets.
  • What's your cancellation policy?
    If you let us know that you need to cancel 16 or more days prior to your arrival, we'll cheerfully refund your deposit, less a minor $15 cancellation fee. That's a flat fee, not per night, so you'll get $35 back regardless of the number of days you booked.
    If you cancel within the 15 day window, there's a one night cancellation fee for hotels. The fee is two nights for houses and town homes. That policy is good up until five nights prior to your arrival. At five nights or less, if you cancel a vacation home, you do not receive any refund. For hotels and town homes, there's a penalty of two nights.
  • What happens if I need to cut my vacation short or if I want to add another night or two while I'm in Orlando?
    If you have an emergency and need to cut your trip short at a hotel, ask the front desk to fax us a notice when you check out. The notice will alert us that you're checking out early, and we'll cheerfully refund your unused nights. You must check out before 11 a.m. to get that day's room cost refunded. Unfortunately, we're unable to refund unused nights if you have to leave early and are staying in a condo, town home, or vacation home. If you'd like to add more nights to your trip, just call our office and we'll book them on a space-available basis.
  • Do you sell or package airline tickets with your vacations?
    No, we do not book any air travel. You'll need to book that on your own.
  • Can you assist me with a rental car booking?
    Yes, we're happy to point you to some great car rental deals. Our car rental partner is Click the big "Florida Specials" ad in the middle of the page to go to the pricing and booking section.

Vacation Home Questions

  • Are there additional fees that are not included in the total cost of my vacation home?
    The only additional cost is $75, which is charged by the property management company as a Property Protection Fee. It's a damage waiver that protects you in case of any incidental or inadvertent damage. However, in cases of gross negligence or intentional damage, you're responsible for the repair costs.
  • Where are your vacation homes located?
    Our vacation homes are all conveniently located within 15 miles or less of Walt Disney World. Most are in Kissimmee and Davenport.
  • What's the difference between Executive Vacation Homes and Standard Vacation Homes?
    The main difference is the interior decor, which is done by a professional designer. The exteriors and pool areas of both types of homes are the same, and you get the same full set of kitchen appliances. Executive Vacation Homes have a better furniture package inside and outside by the pool. Standard Vacation Homes have basic, functional decor, and this category also has older homes. One client summed up the different nicely by saying, "When you walk into an Executive Vacation home, you'll say 'Wow!'"
  • What are the Orlando Specific Vacation Homes?
    This is something new that we're offering for people who want to know exactly which vacation home they'll be staying in during their trip. We show you pictures of specific homes that are available for rent during your vacation time frame. You have the opportunity to reserve one of these specific homes. You'll pay slightly more per night when you pick a particular home and rent it online or via our call center.
    The cancellation policies are also stricter during the high season for these rentals. If your vacation falls during the Easter or Christmas period, charges are due and payable 30 days from your date of arrival. You won't get any refund if you cancel within 30 days or less of your vacation during those two periods.
  • What is included in my vacation home? What will I need to buy or bring with me?
    Your vacation home will be fully furnished and stocked with all the linens and towels you need. The kitchen will have pots, pans, dishes, and silverware. All you need to bring are your own toiletries and food. The houses have starter sets of toilet paper and paper towels, too, but you'll need to buy more if you're staying for more than a few days.
  • What is the booking policy on a vacation home?
    All we require is a $50 deposit to make your reservation, and you don't pay anything else until 15 days before you arrive when you book a Standard Pool Home. For Orlando Specific Homes, the policy is outlined in FAQ number 4.
    Basically, if you visit during the Easter or Christmas high season, when homes are in high demand, the full cost of your vacation must be paid 30 days before you arrive. The usual cancellation policy for Executive and Standard Pool Homes is a two night penalty if you cancel within 15 nights of arrival. There's no refund for cancellations with five days of arrival or less.
  • If I'm part of a group traveling together, can we get vacation homes next door to each other?
    Often we can get vacation homes that are located in the same neighborhood, but it's not likely that you'll be next door to each other.
  • When will I be notified of the exact home I'll be staying in if I book and Executive or Standard Vacation Home?
    We'll let you know at least three days prior to your arrival.
  • What do I need to know about heating the pool in my vacation home?
    Because of Florida's warm weather, there are only four months when you'd need to heat your pool (December through March). If you wish to do so, pool heat costs $30 per day. Set this up directly with the property management company. The pool heater will only heat the water 10 to 12 degrees above the outside temperature. Be aware that the heater will automatically shut off if the temperature drops below 55 degrees.
  • How far are the Vacation Pool Homes from Walt Disney World?
    All of our homes are located within 15 minutes or less of Walt Disney World. We measure that distance from the nearest Walt Disney World gate.
  • Do we get a refund if we have to leave our Vacation Pool Home early?
    Unfortunately, houses don't work the same way as hotels, so we cannot refund any unused nights when you stay in a house, town home, or condo.
  • Why does the cancellation policy change during the Easter and Christmas high season?
    Christmas and Easter are the busiest travel times of the year in Orlando. We need early notice of cancellation so we can assist the owner in rebooking the home. We can't rebook it with late notice.
  • Is there someone to call about our home in case of an emergency?
    In case of emergency, call the specific management company that gave you the location of the home you're occupying. You'll find that phone number at the top of your confirmation letter.
  • How will you and the management company managing our home communicate with me?
    All communication will be over the phone or through email.

Hotel Questions

  • Do the participating hotels offer shuttle service to the area theme parks?
    All of our participating partner hotels have shuttle service to Walt Disney World, and best of all, it's free. Some of them offer complimentary shuttles to SeaWorld and Universal as well. The shuttles typically depart at two or three scheduled times in the morning and evening. Only the Best Western Lake Buena Vista has a continually running shuttle that goes to the Disney theme parks all day.
  • What other fees am I responsible for when I get to Orlando?
    Most Orlando hotels require guests to pay a resort fee. This fee is boldly stated online and noted in our confirmation letters so it won't catch you by surprise. You normally pay the resort fee to the hotel when you check out.
  • Why are the rates so cheap? I missing something? Is there a catch?
    No, there's no catch. Almost every hotel has empty rooms, and the general manager knows that some money for those rooms is better than none at all. Thus they partner with us to fill these unsold rooms at drastically reduced rates. We are not associated with any time share or other promotion, so you'll never have to attend a presentation.
  • What if I'm not satisfied with the hotel I'm staying in?
    If you are not satisfied with your room or the hotel itself, ask to speak with the manager. He or she will do everything possible to correct the issues, and we'll assist, too. If we cannot satisfy you, we'll cheerfully refund any unused nights to your credit card.
  • What if I find a cheaper price on the exact same hotel?
    We're confident in our low rates that we'll match a cheaper rate if you find it at the exact same hotel.
  • If we have to cut our vacation short, will I be refunded for any unused nights?
    Yes, if you must check out early, please have the hotel send us a fax letting us know. We'll immediately refund your unused nights.
  • What is the hotel's general policy on hurricanes?
    Hurricanes are classified as Acts of God. We'll waive all cancellation fees if there's a hurricane in the area, and we'll assist you in moving your arrival to a more desirable time.
  • If my flight was canceled, how can you help me?
    If your flight was canceled and you can't get to Orlando, we'll work with yo to provide the best possible customer service. Just let us know about the problem as soon as possible.
  • Are these special hotel rates available for small groups?
    Yes, our rates are available to small groups. Unfortunately, because these are low wholesale rates, we can't offer them to larger groups. If you have a big group, you'll need to work with the sales staff at the hotel of your choice.

Questions about Vacation Packages

  • What if the prices on theme park tickets go up between the time I make the reservation, and the time I vacation in Orlando?
    Don't worry, we've got you covered! Once you've paid your $50 deposit and ordered your tickets, the price on the receipt will be the price you pay. That's true whether or not the attractions raise their prices prior to your arrival. Remember, you must have a valid order to have the price locked in.
  • I see the price on the package page. How can I book at the low introductory price?
    The price we list is meant as a guide to show the lowest starting point for our packages. That price is per person, based on a party with two adults and two children. Rates may fluctuate, depending on the number of people in your party and your arrival date.
  • How do I get my theme park tickets?
    Most guests opt for the convenience of having their tickets waiting for them at their hotel or vacation home. This handy service costs only $10. Most of our clients feel that it's well worth not having to stand in a ticket line at each theme park for 30 minutes or more. We can also mail your tickets to your home at $8.95 per order, or stop by our ticket store to pick them up at no additional charge.
  • What is your booking policy on vacation packages?
    All we require is a $50 deposit to make a reservation. Nothing else is due until 15 days prior to your arrival.
  • Do you sell trip insurance, and if so, how much does it cost?
    We do not sell trip insurance because we feel our booking policy is far better than paying 6% of the package cost to buy insurance. We only require a $50 deposit at the time of booking. No further money is due until 15 days prior to arrival. If you cancel prior to the 15 days, we will refund $35 of the deposit.
  • Who is the ticket fulfillment company?
    All of our theme park tickets are fulfilled by Kissimmee Guest Services. Their phone number is 1-800-641-4008 ext 7011